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SpeedText in Scotland

RNID Scotland launched its RNID Speedtext service in March 2002.

RNID Speedtext is an electronic notetaking service in which a Speedtext operator will attend an event (conferences, seminars, meetings, etc) and type notes, which are viewed by the deaf or hard of hearing person on a computer screen. This service is particularly useful to deaf people whose preferred language is English.

For more information contact Alison Yeung or Celia Hargreaves

RNID Communication Services Scotland
John Wood House
Glacier Buildings
Harrington Road
Brunswick Business Park
L3 4DF
Telephone: 0141 550 5760
Textphone: 0151 702 5734
Fax: 0151 702 0608
Mobile:07939 169140
Email: csu@rnid-typetalk.org.uk

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