About SpeedText
SpeedText in Scotland

SpeedText was originally called Oasis. It is an electronic note taking system using two laptops - one for the hard of hearing person (the receiver) and the other for a specially trained operator. The operator types the speaker’s words into the laptop and the text appears on the receiver’s screen. The computer program also allows the receiver to communicate with the operator, allowing them to pass on any questions or comments and to make their own personalised notes. 

It is for hard of hearing people who do not sign (or for whom BSL is a second language) as it provides a cost-effective method of communication suitable to help them take part in every day life.

It is designed to maximise the hard of hearing person’s participation in all types of situations, including:

Appointments (doctor, hospital, bank, social services)
College or university
Job interviews/training courses
Meetings at work
Community events
Solicitors' meetings
Court work
Benefits Agency (DSS) appointments

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